Research Projects
  • Ground Motion Analysis
    • Near-Real-Time Forecasting of Seismic Ground Motions
    • Generalized Ground Motion Prediction Models (GGMPMs)
    • Analysis of Crustal and Subduction Zone Ground Motions
    • Analysis of Sequence of Ground Motions
  • Response Prediction Models (RPM)
    • Probablisitic Seismic Demand Analysis (PSDA) using RPMs
    • Seismic Structural Demand Spectrum (SDS)
  • Simulated Ground Motions
    • Evaluation of Physics-Based Simulated Ground Motions
    • Validation and Utilization of Site-Based Simulated Ground Motions
    • Efficient Algorithms to simulate spectrally-targeted Site-Based Ground Motions
  • Structural Reliability Analysis
    • Structural Impact of Vertical Component of Ground Motions
    • Analysis of Base-Plate Connections
  • System Identification and Model Updating
    • Bridge Model Updating using Bayesian State and Parameter Estimation Methods
  • Alternate Construction Materials
    • Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP)
    • Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM)
Course Projects
  • Latent Space Exploration and Dimensionality Reduction of Seismic Ground Motions
    Course: STATS225- Bayesian Analysis (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Babak Shahbaba
    • Conducted Dimensionality Reduction and modeled the Latent Variable space of Seismic Ground Motions using Bayesian Variational methods
  • Developed Building Performance & Loss Assessment Software in Python: “Python-based Performance Assessment Tool (PyPAT)”
    Course: CEE298- Performance-Based Structural Design (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Farzin Zareian
    • Using the methodology of FEMA`s 'Performance Assessment Calculation Tool (PACT)', developed a building performance and loss assessment software in Python: 'Python-based Performance Assessment Tool (PyPAT)'
  • Spatial Modeling of Ground Motion Time Series due to a Single Earthquake Event
    Course: STATS245- Time-Series Analysis (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Michele Guindani
    • Modeled ground motion acceleration time-series record at the station 'n' to forecast ground motion acceleration at time steps 't+1', 't+2', 't+3' ..., using ground motion acceleration records of 'n-1' stations and the ground motion acceleration record of the station 'n' till time step 't'
  • Modeling Geometrically Non-Linear Membranes
    Course: C&EE235C- Non-Linear Structural Analysis (at UC-Los Angeles)
    Instructor: Dr. Ertugrul Taciroglu
    • Modeled Non-Linear Finite-Element Membranes to perform Geometrical Non-Linear Analysis of the membranes
  • Design and Analysis of 14-Story Earthquake Resistant Special Steel Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) Building
    Course: CEE258- Aseismic Design (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Farzad Naeim
    • Designed and analyzed the superstructure and the foundation of a 14-Story Earthquake Resistant Special Steel Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) building using ETabs and SAFE softwares, respectively
  • Design and Seismic Analysis of 4-Story Special Shear-Wall Timber Building
    Course: CEE151B- Timber Analysis and Design (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Joel Lanning
    • Designed and analyzed a 4-Story Special Shear-Wall Timber building based on National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction (2015)
  • Seismic Analysis of a 6-Story Special Steel Moment Frame (SMRF) Building
    Course: CEE249- Earthquake Engineering (at UC-Irvine)
    Instructor: Dr. Farzad Naeim
    • Analyzed a 6-Story SMRF building using : 'Generalized Coordinates Method', 'Rayleigh Method', 'Equivalent Lateral Static Load Force Procedure (ASCE 7-10)', and 'Modal Response Spectrum Analysis (ASCE 7-10)', procedures
  • Extensive Survey Project
    Course: 12CV74- Extensive Survey Project (at RVCE)
      Successfully completed following projects during 10 days Survey Camp at Melukote Village, India
    • Design of Water Supply System
    • Design of New Highway
    • Design of Irrigation Channels
    • Design of Sewerage System
    • Design of New Tank Bund